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I Am Mustafa burhani

With 18 years of digital marketing and customer experience expertise, I helped build and grow over 250 companies. In the constantly changing field of digital marketing, it is my mission to provide individuals and small businesses with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business growth.

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In this digital era, you don’t want to fall behind others. Whether you are a business owner, established/budding entrepreneur or a freelancer, digital marketing can help you grow and thrive in your respective niche.I, Mustafa Burhani, feel immensely proud and joyful as I welcome you to Digitrainers – a leading digital marketing institute offering a comprehensive digital marketing course in Udaipur. With our meticulously designed modules, the applied approach of imparting knowledge, and top-notch quality education, we aim to create Udaipur the ‘Digital Marketing Hub of Rajasthan.’

Course 1

Digital Marketing Course for Job Seeker

The C-World is always headhunting skillful people. And with digital marketing as the hottest skillset to be acquired, job seekers can leverage our digital marketing courses in Udaipur to seamlessly land into a job. At Digitrainers, we offer digital marketing modules that prepare job seekers for a digital marketing job.

Get Job ready

26+ lessons - 60 days - 13+ Certification
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Course 2


Professionals are working across different industries, niches, and departments. But with the digital marketing industry on a boom, many of these professionals wish to switch and pursue their careers in this industry.


36+lessons - 75 days - 16+ Certificate
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Course 3


The Gig Economy (also known as freelance economy) is prevailing in India and the demand for digital marketing freelancers is soaring high. For individuals with the required set of digital marketing skills, the industry has a lot to offer.

Pro ninja Training

50+ lessons - 90 days - 18+ Certificate
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Course 4


The entire course has been comprehensively designed, thus, ensuring that it doesn’t miss any aspect of online business establishment and promotion. The course boasts of 66 digital marketing modules.


66+ lessons - 150 days - 19 Certificate
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Why My Courses

Grow your knowledge and stay ahead of your competitors



We adhere to all the quality standards and ensure that our modules and courses are always in sync with the upgrades and updates of the industry.


Applied training

All our lessons and lectures are imparted in creative and innovative ways. With this ideology, the trainees learn much faster and they remember the concepts.

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Anytime, Anywhere

Introducing an exclusive and one-of-its-kind digital marketing learning portal – LMS-DTOLMS. With this LMS, we ensure there is round-the-clock learning.

Applied-styled Approach

If an aspiring digital marketer wants to perform well in an agency set up, s/he should be industry-ready. Being industry-ready in digital marketing means taking up the roles and responsibilities immediately, running campaigns, sticking to timelines, working as a team, formulating strategies and maintaining great sync with the clients. This is why we wanted to get the students at Digi Trainers familiarised with the agency lifestyle and on par with the industry norms.

At Digi Trainers, the students would be able to work in teams (which we call agencies), figure out their interests and nurture them. Once they step out of Digi Trainers, we want the students to live, breathe and perform world-class digital marketing.

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