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About Mustafa Burhani

Mustafa Burhani is a branding expert, an agency owner, trainer, keynote speaker, and a digital marketing consultant with several award-winning campaigns.

Digital Marketing Expert excelling in Business Growth Hacking

Mustafa Burhani is a Digital Marketing Expert excelling and providing services from Developing Website to website traffic, Auditing and Reporting of website, managing marketing campaign’s performance, Optimize website and Social Media Channels for SEO as well as usability.

Analyze key tactics such as website traffic and service quotas, Advertising, and media to increase marketing results. Manage all aspects of marketing operations. I can take your business to new heights. I also provide Digital Marketing Consultation for all kinds of business niches.

My mission is to accelerate the Brand transition

With 18 years of digital marketing and customer experience expertise, I helped build and grow over 250 companies. In the constantly changing field of digital marketing, it is my mission to provide individuals and small businesses with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business growth. If an aspiring digital marketer wants to perform well in an agency set up, s/he should be industry-ready.

Digi Trainers
Mustafa Burhani

Being industry-ready in digital marketing means taking up the roles and responsibilities immediately, running campaigns, sticking to timelines, working as a team, formulating strategies and maintaining great sync with the clients.

Keynote Speaker​

Experience the power of inspiration and transformation with Mustafa Burhani , an engaging and dynamic speaker who captivates audiences with thought-provoking ideas, actionable insights, and a contagious passion for personal and professional growth.

Personal Branding ​

Imagine personal branding as your own VIP pass to a thriving ecosystem of kindred spirits—seasoned professionals, potential collaborators, and future clients who resonate with your vision. Your personal brand is more than a tool; it’s a dynamic bridge that leads to meaningful connections. 


Imagine your network as a door to wider possibilities. With each new connection, you step closer to a world of diverse perspectives, markets, and insights. Embracing different viewpoints leads to fresh ideas that spark innovation in your business.  it’s a bridge to new markets and uncharted territories

Business Consultant

Think of a proficient business coach as your reliable guide in the bustling business landscape. With a tailored approach, this coach becomes a strategic partner, carefully crafting a growth strategy that aligns perfectly with your unique aspirations and tackles the specific obstacles you face.     

SEO Expert in India

 The ascent of your rankings, the surge in organic traffic, and the concrete returns on your investment—all unveiled in a manner that reflects our dedication to your success. As your chosen SEO partner in India, we ensure every step we take shines a spotlight on your business’s growth journey.

Online Reputation Management

our brand’s image holds worldwide significance. Here, our Online Reputation Management (ORM) specialists step in as vigilant guardians, reinforcing your reputation, magnifying your reliability, and showcasing your remarkable offerings. Protecting your reputation is not merely about avoiding negative feedback or criticism.

My Journey

stop at nothing

we embrace the spirit of relentless progress. We dare to question norms and welcome discomfort as a stairway to excellence. It’s a promise to keep learning, growing, and flexing in a world that’s always shifting.

Love To Explore

Exploration isn’t just a hobby—it’s who we are. We approach life with open hearts and curious minds, ready to dive into new experiences, cultures, and ideas. Every journey, whether physical or intellectual, is a chance to expand our horizons and see the world from new angles.

Take It Step-By-Step

We recognise that success is a step-by-step process. We lead you through each stage of your personal or professional development with a strategic approach, ensuring that every step is intentional, meaningful, and connected with your long-term vision. 

Keep It Simple

“Keep it Simple” isn’t just words—it’s how we steer our ship. In the midst of life’s twists and business’s turns, we aim for the heart of the matter. We peel away unnecessary layers, so what remains is clear, effective, and effortlessly understood.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

I Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

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